Rock’n Rules & Terrific Tips for Commenting


 1. It is important to proofread your comments before publishing your comment. You will need correct capitalization and correct punctuation like commas and exclamation marks! Don’t forget periods at the end of your sentence.

2. Your sentences should have the same amount of words as your age. For example, I’m 9 so my sentence should have 9 words or more. That helps reminds me to write longer, more descriptive sentences.

3. Be nice and positive in your comments.

4. DON’T share your YAPPY that stands for your full name, your address, phone number, password, and your plans.


1. Add more words to show more excitement, not more exclamation marks.

2. Add more information to get more people interested in your comment.

3. When people respond to your comment, be sure to write them back.

4. Have a parent read your comment over. They will help you write well.

5. If you want people to read your comment don’t make it to long or too short.

6. Don’t just throw random things into your comment plan what you’re going to write about.

7. Every once in awhile, come back to an old comment that you wrote to see if someone replied.

This is something that you will see when you are blogging

    I hope you will use these rock’n rules and terrific tips in your comments!