Mammoth Lakes

This summer I went to Mammoth. We did a ton of fun things. I had two favorite things to do.

One of my favorite things to do was, going to Lake Mary. At Lake Mary, my dad and I rented a motor boat. We drove around the lake and saw some campers and really cool mountains. I even got to drive for a little while.

Here I am on the boat

Convict lake was really fun too. We went on a hike and climbed on some rocks. On our hike there were little passageways leading down to the water. Down them you could climb on rocks.

Here is me on the trail and me on top of a tree trunk


Have you ever been to Mammoth? If you have tell me about your trip.

Have you ever been to a lake?


My Summer Trip to Florence

This summer, I went to Florence. Florence is located in Italy, the home town of pizza. On my trip, I went to many historical landmarks and enjoyed several unique experiences.

 We ate lots of gelato and it truly was the best I had ever had. There were some crazy flavors like yogurt and Nutella combined. I usually get lemon gelato, but I decided to try the flavor Cookies. It was amazing gelato.

Here is the gelato.

I also went to the Medici tombs. The Medici are the most famous family in Florence during the Renaissance and after.  Their tombs towered over me. And, they were way bigger than my mom! You had to be super quiet to show respect for the dead.

Here is the tombs. I am on the floor and this is the comparison between me and the tombs.

 I went to the Academia. In the Academia, there is a famous statue called David.  David is 17 feet tall and naked. Naked was a sign of bravery back then. He was carved by Michelangelo.

Here is David

I went to a wine vineyard, not to try wine but to try balsamic  vinegar. There were two flavors, the first in a tiny jar was bitter with a sour, lip puckering aftertaste. The other one was in a tall jar and was sweet, but not too sweet. We bought one of each.

Here are the balsamics

I also went to a sweets store in Siena, another town in Tuscany. They had amazing chocolate. We bought chocolate, hazelnut, cappuccino, and lemon cookies. We also bought hazelnut and pistachio truffles.

Here are the packages.

I went to the Medici house called Pitti Palace.  it was huge, even  bigger then the Statue of Liberty. I went to the Boboli Gardens, which were expansive. There were statues in the garden of Medici family members.

Here are the gardens

I walked around the Duomo. The Duomo is a big dome, tall tower and church. There are lots designs carved out of marble on the outside, but it was very simple and plain on the inside.

Here is the Duomo.

In Lucca, I went balsamic and olive oil tasting again. They had amazing balsamic. They had three types of balsamic. One was very sweet, one was spicy, and one was fruity. We also tried hazelnut cream made with olive oil, and my mom bought a pistachio cream.

In Pisa, I went to the Leaning Tower of  Pisa. It was leaning, tall, made out of marble and had lots of stairs to get up to the top. The weather out was hot with a slight breeze.

Here is the Leaning Tower.

I went on a gelato tour with four stops. The first place was the first gelato store in all of Florence. I got the flavor chocolate. The chocolate was rich, creamy and chocolatey. At the second place, I got the flavors citrus and mixed berry. This was one of my favorites.

The third stop only had Sicilian gelato. Sicily is the island below Italy. There, we got granitas.  Granitas are like slushees. At the fourth stop, we made strawberry gelato with the owner of the store in his factory.

Soon after the gelato, we went to Florence Fish Kiss. That is a place that has four fish tanks with dry skin-eating fish inside. Our feet were as soft as a baby’s butt when we were finished. As a surprise, we also got to do our hands.

Here are my feet and the business card.

My favorite part of Florence was the fish kiss because it tickled and it was very relaxing. At first, it tickled a lot but afterward we got used to it.

Have you ever been to Florence? If you have tell me about your trip.

Have you ever had your feet picked by fish?


My Summer Trip to Rome

This summer vacation, I went to Europe!  In Europe, I went to Rome, Italy.

In Rome, I went to the Pantheon. The Pantheon is a place where famous people are buried and it is a sacred place. The Pantheon has a dome with a hole in it.

This is the Pantheon.

I also went to the Colosseum. At the Colosseum, I took a tour of the monument. While on the tour, I learned about the gladiators. They are the people who battle each other and animals. People used to watch the battles until someone died. That is how many battles ended.

This is the Colosseum

I went to Piazza Navona for lunch and met up with Dr. Hagle. Piazza Navona has a big tower and fountain right at the center. I went to get gelato at a store with 150 flavors. I got the flavor lemon because I like the kick to it.

Here is the big tower and fountain at Piazza Navona.

The next day I went to Vatican City. The Vatican City is called a city, but it is actually its own country. The Vatican is a famous landmark with 11 museums inside of one museum and a big dome with a obelisk. The Vatican is also where the Pope lives.

This is the obelisk in front of St. Peters in the Vatican.. You can see the dome by Michelangelo in the background.

The Trevi fountain was a beautiful site to visit. The Trevi fountain is a big fountain with Roman and Greek god statues. If you throw a coin over your shoulder, you will come back to Rome one day.

Here is the Trevi fountain

Going to the cat sanctuary was awesome. The cat sanctuary are ancient ruins where cats now live. The cat sanctuary is also the place were Julius Caesar was killed.  Julius Caesar was the first dictator of Ancient Rome.

Here is the cat sanctuary. Can you find the cat in the picture?

The Sistine Chapel was a beautiful site inside a big building where Michelangelo painted one of his most famous works of art.You are not allowed to take any pictures at the Sistine Chapel.

My favorite part of Rome was going to the cat sanctuary because I love cats and it was not a long tour. Most tours were long on hot days, but the cat sanctuary was nearby our apartment and not part of a long tour.

Have you ever been to Rome?

If you have, tell me about your trip.


My Summer Trip to Amsterdam!

This summer, I also went to Amsterdam. I did many exciting things on this trip.

My first experience was the airplane ride. I had a window seat. I had great views, including a view of snowy mountains in summer and a clear view of the top of the clouds.

Seeing my houseboat was great. The houseboat is big, brown, and vintage. It has two levels. One with a table inside and one outside with a view of the canals. The second level has a kitchen and two bedrooms, one with a master bed for my parents and bunk beds for my brother and I.

This is my house boat

I also went to see the Anne Frank house. It was three stories and was called the Secret Annex. Anne Frank and her family lived there for two years because the Nazis where invading Amsterdam.

here is the Anne Frank house

I went to go to the Van Gogh Museum. One of the most famous paintings is the Sunflowers. They are famous because of the bright, vibrant colors and lots of detail. He also painted Potato Eaters, Almond Blossom, The Starry Night, and The Bedroom.

Here are Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

My brother and I like to put coins under the train tracks so the coins would get run over. Sometimes we would put them on the edge of the track so the train would bend the coin.

Saying hi to people was fun! My brother and I would sit at the window of our houseboat for hours and say, “Hello everybody, have a good day.” They would either say hi back or ask us a question. One guy asked if we where selling hamburgers and one girl told us to do the royal wave.

Here is my brother and I at the windows.

My two favorite parts of Amsterdam were saying hi to people as they floated by on their boat and smashing coins because both were unique experiences.


Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If you have, tell me about your trip.

Have you ever been on a house boat?

Variety Show

The variety show is a show that we put on at our school. We learn a dance and then perform the dance in front of an audience.

The Practice

The practice is for 30 minutes and each day we learn 1-3 new dance moves. At the end of practice, we get a snack. We should practice the dance at home at least two times just so we get the hang of the new dance moves.

Getting Ready

After we all have the dance memorized, we get ready to go on stage. We get our costumes, see if they fit, and make sure the outfit is comfy. We have a tech rehearsal to make sure the music, lighting, and background works. If they don’t work they make sure they work during the dress rehearsal. The dress rehearsal is where we wear our costumes and makeup. We also get to see the whole show on dress rehearsal night. Here is the official variety show shirt that everyone gets. The British invasion is the theme this year.

Photo by Jodie Photo of Sarah Gold

The Show

On the night of the show,  we wait in the gym until it is time for our dance. Usually, they call us to the waiting room two performances before our own dance. We watch some performances then it is our turn to perform! They have a skit in front of every dance so we have time to get into our spots. We all do some crazy things just to make sure we are ready. Then the curtains rise the music starts playing and we start dancing. When we are done we go outside and all jump up and down knowing that we did a great job. We go home and the next day do it again.

Have you ever done a school performance?

Did you enjoy it?

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Yollis. Most people would write a card for their teacher on their birthday, but since Mrs. Yollis has taught me so much about blogging, I decided to write a post.Mrs. Yollis, you have been an amazing teacher throughout the whole year and having you as my teacher was awesome. I hope that next year I can come back to your classroom and blog with you. I will always remember how much you improved my mind and how much I’ve learned.

Magnificent Memorial Day

We are a Girl Scout troop, and in honor of Memorial Day, we taught a lesson about our American flag. We used information from our camping and day trips. On each of the trips, we learned a little bit about the flag. We have even done a flag ceremony at City Hall!
We taught the class how to fold the flag. We were very careful of the flag. We did not want it touching the ground because if the flag touches the ground then we would have to burn the flag.


Photo by Mrs. Yollis
When the flag is raised on a pole it has its signals. One signal is when the flag is half raised it means that an important American has died. On Memorial Day, we raise the flag half way for all the soldiers that sacrificed their lives. Halfway into the day, they raise the flag fully to recognize the soldiers that are still alive. They raise the flag fully at the White House when the president is there.
Photo from Pixabay
There are 13 stripes on the flag because of the 13 colonies and 50 stars because of the 50 states. America has grown over the decades. One event that changed America was the Louisiana Purchase. It doubled the size of America (Thank you, Thomas Jefferson, for purchasing if from the French!) America was part of Britain living under their laws. But, we fought the Revolutionary War and we won. We the people govern the land!
When you fold the flag, there are many steps. First, you hold it parallel to the ground.
After two folds, you have a long narrow flag with the blue field on top.  Next, begin making triangular folds.



Finally, you tuck in the end and you have folded the flag respectfully!


What do you do to celebrate Memorial Day?

What are some flag facts that you know?  

Greek and Latin Are Taking Root!

Photo by Mrs. Yollis

In Freckle Word Study, many students were introduced to Greek and Latin roots. If you know some Greek and Latin roots, it can help you “unlock” what an unknown word might mean.

For example, uni means one. The unicorn has one horn and unison means you speak in one voice.  Bmeans two, so a bicycle has two wheels, and a bifocal has two lenses. Photo means light, so photography (fo • tog • ru • fee)  uses light to make pictures and photosynthesis (fo • to • sin • thu • sis) means light is used by plants to make food.

We worked collaboratively (collab means together) to create an informative slideshow.

Enjoy and learn! We are adding slides daily, so check back often.

 Leave us a spectacular (that means one that LOOKS good) comment using one of the words that have a Greek or Latin root!

My Various Visitors!

As you can tell, my flag counter has upgraded since my valuable visitor’s post. I am amazed that people all over the world can visit my blog.

 Recently, I got a comment from someone in Kenya. It was a fabulous comment. He seemed to be interested in the idea of comparing countries. So I decided to compare his country to my country.  See the comment for yourself…

The population in the U.S is 327,700,000. Now that’s a lot of people. In Kenya,  the population is 45,900,000. It must take a lot to rack up that big of a number.

Wow! I just found out that the land area in Kenya is 230,560 and that in the U.S the land area is 3,700,000. Those are some big numbers. I wonder which one is bigger. Do you know? If you so know, how much larger?

“That would be 3 Kenyan Shilling please,” the store manager exclaimed. ” What’s a Kenyan Shilling?” I asked.  Well, that’s the type of money they use in Kenya. I don’t recognize it because I live in the U.S. In the U.S they use dollars.

 “Hujamba” Hu… what? Oh, that’s how you say hi in Kenya they speak the language Swahili. Here in America, the language is English. It is amazing how different the language is in Kenya than in the U.S.

Wow! Look at how different these flags are. Notice how the colors of the American flag are red white and blue but on the Kenyan flag the colors red, blue, black, and white.

Photos by Britannica

 The U.S borders The Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean as well as Canada and Mexico. Meanwhile, in Keny, they are surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Lake Victoria, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and a lot more.Photos by Britannica

” Come on, we are going to miss our flight to Nairobi” That is the capital in Kenya but, in the U.S the capital is Washinton D.C which is close to Mayland.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Kenya and the U.S. I have a couple of questions for you…

Have you ever been to Kenya?

Do you know any similarities between Kenya?