Mammoth Lakes

This summer I went to Mammoth. We did a ton of fun things. I had two favorite things to do.

One of my favorite things to do was, going to Lake Mary. At Lake Mary, my dad and I rented a motor boat. We drove around the lake and saw some campers and really cool mountains. I even got to drive for a little while.

Here I am on the boat

Convict lake was really fun too. We went on a hike and climbed on some rocks. On our hike there were little passageways leading down to the water. Down them you could climb on rocks.

Here is me on the trail and me on top of a tree trunk


Have you ever been to Mammoth? If you have tell me about your trip.

Have you ever been to a lake?


9 thoughts on “Mammoth Lakes

  1. I have been to many different lakes in Australia. Usually I jump of bridges into lakes! it is really fun!!!!!!!!!!

    I live in Newcastle which is 2 hours north of Sydney.

  2. I like how you put a lot of detail not under photo
    I like your set out of your blog
    I think you could put more detail so its no so obvious caption under picture

  3. Hello Jodie, I have been interested in your blog about how you are and where you have been. I have been reading you blog and been interested enough to go to America myself! I wish that you would not show your face or others in your class so you are very safe!;)

  4. I really liked the details under the photos.
    The pictures were really nice.

    Great Blog


  5. I like how you have very clear photo’s

    I like how you have interesting backgrounds

    I think you need to choose a better sub-heading

  6. i like ur blog the colors and the background and the pics but u could improve on the subheading and make it bold

  7. I like how you have very clear photo’s

    I like how you have interesting backgrounds

    I thing you need a different colour subheading

  8. I’d never heard of Mammoth or Convict Lake before seeing them on your blog Jodie. Thank you for sharing your adventures and your beautiful photos. I hope you get to visit many other beautiful places!
    Sandy in York, England

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