My Summer Trip to Amsterdam!

This summer, I also went to Amsterdam. I did many exciting things on this trip.

My first experience was the airplane ride. I had a window seat. I had great views, including a view of snowy mountains in summer and a clear view of the top of the clouds.

Seeing my houseboat was great. The houseboat is big, brown, and vintage. It has two levels. One with a table inside and one outside with a view of the canals. The second level has a kitchen and two bedrooms, one with a master bed for my parents and bunk beds for my brother and I.

This is my house boat

I also went to see the Anne Frank house. It was three stories and was called the Secret Annex. Anne Frank and her family lived there for two years because the Nazis where invading Amsterdam.

here is the Anne Frank house

I went to go to the Van Gogh Museum. One of the most famous paintings is the Sunflowers. They are famous because of the bright, vibrant colors and lots of detail. He also painted Potato Eaters, Almond Blossom, The Starry Night, and The Bedroom.

Here are Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

My brother and I like to put coins under the train tracks so the coins would get run over. Sometimes we would put them on the edge of the track so the train would bend the coin.

Saying hi to people was fun! My brother and I would sit at the window of our houseboat for hours and say, “Hello everybody, have a good day.” They would either say hi back or ask us a question. One guy asked if we where selling hamburgers and one girl told us to do the royal wave.

Here is my brother and I at the windows.

My two favorite parts of Amsterdam were saying hi to people as they floated by on their boat and smashing coins because both were unique experiences.


Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If you have, tell me about your trip.

Have you ever been on a house boat?

3 thoughts on “My Summer Trip to Amsterdam!

  1. Hi Jodie. I’ve never been on a houseboat but that certainly seems like a fun experience.

    Did you get to go inside Anne Frank’s house? If so, did they try to preserve everything from when she lived there? Have you read her diary?

    Now that I’ve finished reading all your posts about your European summer trip, I have to ask, what city did you enjoy the most? And where is the next place you want to visit?

    • Hi Sarah,

      I did go to the Anne Frank house and I noticed that it was really cramped and that having 7 people living there was tough. I have not read her diary. I started it and stopped reading it, but I read Who Was Anne Frank.

      I most enjoyed Amsterdam because it was not to hot, It did not have any long tours, and it was very pretty. Next If would like to visit Australia because of a famous baker named Zumbo. My mom told me you have been to Australia. How was the flight? The flight is the main reason why she says we can’t go.


  2. Hi Jodie,

    I didn’t know she had 6 people living with her. I’ve only read excepts from her diary but would like to one day read the full thing.

    I’ll have to look up who Zumbo is. Do you really like baking or just like watching Zumbo bake?

    It’s an 18 hour flight from LAX. I took a red eye so I was asleep for a bit of it. I don’t mind sitting on a plane that long if the seats are roomy enough. Australia was my layover to New Zealand so I didn’t step outside the airport. It looked beautiful flying in though.

    – Sarah

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