My Valuable Visitors

Wow! Look at that Flag Counter. Having visitors makes me feel excited because it means that people all over the world have visited and read what I’ve published. I have a lot of flags considering I have only had my blog for four weeks in the Student Blogging Challenge.


In class, we picked one of the visitor flags and researched facts to see how the country compared and contrasted to my country, the United States. I chose France!





America and  France have many differences. The population of France is 65,000,000 and the U.S population is 327,000,000. That is quite a difference!

 In the U.S the land area is 3,700,000 square miles. Meanwhile, in France, the land area is 210,030. France is smaller than the area of Texas!

If you want to buy something, you will need different money. In the U.S, we use dollars and in France, they use Euros.

 Bonjour! That’s how you say hello in French which is the language spoken in France.  Although some people speak French in America, like me, the primary language is English.

The U.S capital is, Washington D.C. In France, the capital is Paris. A big difference between the two countries is that they are on different continents.  The U.S is in North America, but France is in Europe. The U.S borders The Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean as well as Canada and Mexico. France borders the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic ocean, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and a lot more.


Photo by Jodie Bloom


For the similarities, our flags are the same colors, red, white, and blue. However, we have stars to show the fifty states. Both places attract people from places all over the world. We both have a Statue of Liberty although, the one in the U.S. is the one that attracts the most people.

Fun Fact: the person who designed the Statue of Liberty was from France, and the French people gave us the statue!

Both nations have big rivers running through them. In France, it is this Seine River. In the U.S., the Mississippi River is running through it.  Both countries had revolutions, but those took place in history. They both have very famous museums. They also both have a Disneyland.

Photo by Jodie Bloom


Do you know any other differences or similarities?

If you have a blog, what flags do you have on your flag counter?

12 thoughts on “My Valuable Visitors

  1. @Jodie

    I do have a blog. I have visitors from Switzerland, Australia, California,
    France, Canada, and the Netherlands.

    I have never been to any of these six places except California, where I live.

    Have you been to any of the places you got visitors from?

    Casey Cherry

  2. Hi!

    I’m studying to be a teacher and have been looking at how to use technology in the classroom, which is how I came across your blog.

    Your blog is very easy to read and informative. I love how you have compared France and the U.S, very interesting!

    Keep writing 🙂

  3. Hello Jodie,
    Am Thomas, a teacher in Kenya, currently commenting on STUBC 2019. One of your passion is the visitors on your blog, l join you on this mission of sharing with humankind. Hope you do both countries compare in terms of economies and education.


  4. Hey! I have a blog but only my friends and one person in California have seen my blog. Its called Polar Buddies. You are so lucky. Any tips?
    Thanks, Polar Buddy.

  5. The pictures and map you showed really helped me understand your writing! Awesome blog! Maybe you could check out a blog me and my friend created and give us some tips!

  6. Bonjour Jodie.
    Bravo ! Tu as vraiment fait un travail génial ! C’est une bonne idée de comparer nos deux pays… et tu sais beaucoup de choses. Je dois avouer que tu t’y connais bien en géographie.
    Es-tu déjà venue en France ?
    Moi, je ne suis jamais allée en Californie ni ailleurs aux USA. Mais j’aimerais énormément découvrir ton grand pays.
    Au revoir.
    Manon, CM2 de l’école de Brindas, France

    (You can use Google Translate to understand my message. It would be nice if you answer me and if you also copy/paste your answer on my class blog : .)

    • Bonjour Manon, Merci d’avoir laissé un commentaire sur mon blog. C’est très amusant d’utiliser Google Translate pour lire mes commentaires.

      Je suis allé en France avant, c’était toujours par liste de choses à faire et maintenant c’est fait! Votre pays est fascinant. Vous êtes tellement chanceux que vous vivez leur.

      Que faites-vous pendant votre temps libre en France?

      Blogging heureux,

  7. Bonjour Jodie.
    J’ai bien aimé ton article sur la comparaison entre les États Unis d’Amérique et la France. C’est vrai que la France est beaucoup plus petite que ton pays car il est immense.
    J’habite en France à côté de la ville de Lyon et je suis allé une fois à Paris et à Disneyland. J’ai beaucoup aimé voir la Seine. C’est le fleuve qui traverse Paris. À Lyon, il y a deux rivières qui se rencontrent : Le Rhône et la Saône.
    J’ai lu que tu es déjà venue en France. N’hésite pas à revenir chez nous et viens nous voir. You are welcome !
    Au revoir.
    Arthur, CM2 de l’école de Brindas, France

    (You can use Google Translate to understand my message. It would be nice if you answer me and if you also copy/paste your answer on my class blog : .)

    • Bonjour Arthur, j’adore recevoir tous ces commentaires de votre école. Il est tellement amusant de les lire dans Google Translate.

      J’ai remarqué que vous avez dit que les États-Unis sont énormes et qu’ils sont assez gros, mais je ne dirais pas que c’est énorme. Vous aussi que vous avez été à Disneyland. Le Disneyland en France ressemble-t-il au Disneyland ici?

      À votre santé,

      • Bonjour jodie,
        Je ne sais pas à quoi ressemble votre Disneyland car je ne suis jamais allé aux États-Unis. Le nôtre est à côté de Paris et il y a plein d’attractions : la croisière des fées, le train de Peter Pan, etc.
        Dans quelle ville des USA est votre Disneyland ?
        Au revoir.
        Arthur, CM2 de l’école de Brindas, France
        (You can use Google Translate to understand this comment. It would be nice if you answer this message and if you also copy/paste your answer on our class blog : .)

  8. Hello !

    Our class is participating in the Student Blogging Challenge (March 2019).
    For the week 9 task, some of us chose to talk about your blog.
    We invite you to click on this link to read the post :

    Take the opportunity to visit all our class blog. Please, write us your comments !
    Avec toute notre amitié.

    The students from the Brindas Primary School CM2, France

  9. I really enjoyed your blog it was very well written and I learned a lot of facts I didn’t know before. Thank you.

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