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Greetings and Salutations!

Today is the day that I do my first blog post, and my pen name is Jodie Bloom! Today is pajama day, and everyone is wearing pajamas so we are going to win the spirit wear award today. I am reading The Girl who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill. The book won a Newberry Award.



I will show you what I’ve learned about the “visual editor” in this blog. I made this diagram in an app called PicCollage. Then I uploaded it to Seesaw. My teacher, Mrs. Yollis, liked it so much she recommended that I share it to the blog.

What are some of the visual editor features that you like to use? 

Do you have spirit days at your school?

9 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog

  1. Dear Jodie Bloom,
    I love that amazing comment, Jodie! I do have spirit days at my school and I think you know because we go to the same school!
    We have crazy hair day, pajama day, Skittles day, sunglasses day, and spirit wear day on Friday.

    What is your favorite spirit day?
    What id your favorite editor feature book?

    Your blogging and class buddy,

    • Hi Ana,

      Since we go to the same school, I realized that you forgot that we have a crazy sock day.

      My favorite spirit day is pajama day because we got to bring a stuffed animal to school and wear our slippers in class. In your second question, you wrote id I believe you meant to put is. My favorite visual editor is the hyperlink because you can link to anything you want. In fact, I am making a post with two hyperlinks right now. Off course you know the people I’m linking to Dr. Hagle and Sarah Gold.
      Have you ever used a hyperlink in any of your posts on your blog?

  2. I like how you said what you learned and did. I wonder how many kids are in your class. I don’t think we have a spirit day at our school but I don’t know. I am Sophia from the USA and I go to Brecknock Elementary school. Make sure you visit my blog and leave a comment!


  3. Hi, Jodie!

    My name is Mrs. Wohlafka, and I am a commenter for Student Blogging Challenge March 2019.

    You probably shouldn’t put your last name on the blog, because of privacy reasons.

    How do you like the book, “The Girl Who Drank the Moon”, so far? I’m a children’s librarian, but I haven’t read that book yet?

    • @mrs.wohlafka

      Thank you for that amazing comment. I am so glad you visited my blog.

      I am on page 247 in my book there are 386 pages in the book. So I have 139 pages left. It is an amazing book. I thank my friend Sara for introducing the book to me. You should read it. I’m sure you would love it.

      What is your favorite book and why?

  4. G’day JodieBloom (Pen name not real name),

    What a great post and I love the visual editor information. Just one little thing though; the one after Link URL is actually Unlink URL – just in case you link to the wrong URL.

    I wonder how Mrs Yollis is coping with learning how to use Edublogs after so many years using blogger?

  5. Hi Jodie,
    Your screenshot of tools and their purpose is very well thought-out. I think I will show it to my students here in Cave Creek, Arizona.

    The writing you do is so detailed and interesting. Spirit day looks like a lot of fun.

    We have spirit days at my school too. Usually, the students wear a school shirt and get free popcorn. Twice a year our Student Council hosts a Spirit Week and that is when everyone dresses up for Wacky Wednesday, crazy hair day, backwards/inside-out day and more. What is your favorite spirit day activity?

    Have a terrific week!
    Mrs. D

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