Meet Jodie, My Avatar

Today we had fun in class creating our avatars. I am part of the Edublog’s Student Blogging Challenge, and I am happy to finish my first task. Meet my avatar, my name is Jodie.

As you can see I adore the colors red and blue. I love the color red because it reminds me of delicious strawberries. I like blue because it reminds me of water. Swimming is one of my favorite activities.

What colors do you like and why?

Is your avatar similar to mine or totally different?

Have you ever seen the Peanuts?

If so did you like the movie?

18 thoughts on “Meet Jodie, My Avatar

  1. @Jodie..what a cool avatar. I also like the color blue and red. I like the color blue because it reminds me of the ocean and I love spending time at the beach and I like the color red because it reminds me of going fast. I love to swim, bike and run as fast as I can so when I am doing one of those activities I always wear some red. Maybe it’s a superstition?

    I have read many Peanuts comics and have seen some of the Peanuts movies. I really like A Charlie Brown Christmas. Who is your favorite Peanuts character?

  2. I like the orange hair you choose. My favorite colors are black because it is a bold color. I adore purple because it is a peaceful color. My avatar is totally different because he is a boy and he has red hair and cloth the same color. No I haven’t, but I watched snoopy. I did like the movie Snoopy.

  3. @Jodie, this is really cool. I love your Joyful Journal. My favorite color is also blue. It is a soothing color and makes me feel calm. I also like to wear the color black. My husband always asks me why I need so many black shoes. He does not understand that they all serve a different purpose. I know you will understand.


  4. Hi Jodie.

    I love your avatar. Very cute. Does your avatar look like you? Is that your hairstyle?

    Swimming is one of my favorite activities as well.

    You named your blog “Joyful”. Is there something special about you and your journal that will be joyful? Have you blogged before this challenge?

    Do you know about “open” on the internet where people share their work – software, pictures, educational resources?

    Valerie Taylor

    • @valerie

      That was an amazing comment. I love how you asked so many questions.

      You asked if my avatar looked like me, well it does not look like me. The hairstyle is not what I usually wear. Normally I just have my hair down. I don’t know if there will be something joyful I am kind of just going with the flow. I have blogged in a Student Blogging Challenge before. In fact I did the one earlier this year but, I did it on my teachers blog. And no I am not familiar with being “open” on the internet.

      Why do you like to swim?
      Have you ever blogged in the challenge before?
      Do you have your own blog?

  5. Wow! Really enjoyed reading your post. Guess my favorite color might be blue. It’s a cool and refreshing color and I even have a blue streak in my hair.

    I have seen a few Peanuts movies. They are charming and each character is so real.

  6. Hi,
    Jodie my name is Berkay. I think this is a best avatar I ever seen.
    I like your thinking.

  7. Good Morning Jodie,
    My name is Mrs. D, from Cave Creek, Arizona. The wind is howling outside right now, so I am happy to be commenting on your post. Your avatar looks like she would be a good friend. Do you and she enjoy the same activities do you think?

    The pigtails are wonderful. Is that your favorite hairstyle? Many of my 6th grade girls are wearing braided pigtails right now. My hair is brown with a purple layer underneath.

    My favorite color is purple, but blue is a close second. It is hard to stick to just one favorite color isn’t it?

    I have not seen the Peanuts movie. Was is wonderful?

    Thank you for sharing your joyfulness.

    Mrs. D

    • @arianah

      My teacher and I loved the star, wish, and wonder. she is going to show to the class.

      Thank you for leaving the link to your blog . I checked it out it looks like you have been blogging for a long time. Great job.
      Why did you pick the theme for your blog?


  8. @ Jodie
    Wow! what a lovely comment!

    I love how you put so much work into your avatar post! My favorite color is yellow because it reminds me of happiness. My avatar is very different than yours. My avatar Veronica has blond hair and a grey dress. I have seen the Peanuts movie But Harry Potter is my favorite movie. I really like your blue background, it suits your avatar. Have you ever seen the Harry Potter movies?

    Your new friend,
    Veronica pink

    • Hi Veronica,

      That was an amazing comment! I love how your question was related to Harry Potter.

      I practically live the Harry Potter books and movies. As you know I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. I’ve seen all the movies over 20 times. My mom said that I have to wait till I’m older until I can read the books again. I am very sad about that. On a scale of one to ten, I rate Harry Potter an eleven.

      What would you rate Harry Potter on a scale of one to ten?
      Have you read the whole Harry Potter series?
      Have you seen all the movies?
      Happy Blogging,

  9. @Jodie

    My favorite color is red because red is the best flavored color of Jello. Also, red is the shortest number of letters of any color. For Peanuts, Snoopy is the funniest character. He makes me laugh.

  10. Hi Jodie!

    My name is Wyatt. I like the colors pink and blue. My avatar is way different from yours.
    Yes, I have seen the Peanuts movie, and I liked it.

    Check out my blog!

    Your blogging buddy,

  11. Hi Jodie Bloom,
    I love your avatar post on your blog!

    You asked what my favorite colors are. Well, they are purple, black, and blue. I like purple because it reminds me of calmness. I enjoy black. It also reminds me of darkness and evilness. I adore blue because it reminds me of water and wisdom. My avatar looks totally different than yours. I have watched the Peanuts movie, and I loved the movie because it was very funny in almost every scene.

    Do you like the Peanuts movie?
    If you do what do you like about it?

    Your blogging buddy,
    Ann Prewit

  12. Hi Jodie, I’m Natalie and I have completed the blogging challenge of 2019, but I still love to give feedback and compliments on other students blogs. I think that you avatar is super cute!! My favourite colour is your colours mixed together, purple! I like purple because It is a nice soft colour. I really enjoyed your blog!
    I would love for you to check out my blog,

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